Keller has been making Central Texas beautiful for the last twenty-one years. Owner, Nick Keller, grew up in Georgetown and started his landscaping services at a very young age. Keller is still locally owned, family run, and is now a thriving business the whole family is proud of.

Keller operates in Georgetown, TX and the surrounding areas, specializing in residential and commercial landscaping. Keller ensures that every customer feels like their needs are important and met. When meeting with each customer, Keller tries to capture the customer’s vision and need for their outdoor living space or landscape.

Keller sees each project to completion and makes sure every customer is left proud of the vision that Keller brought to life. Through each and every step, Keller operates with quality, efficiency, and integrity. Keller takes pride in creating some of the most beautiful outdoor living spaces. By using the customer’s vision blended with the creativity, years of expertise, and craftsmanship that Keller has to offer, you can be assured you are getting the Cadillac of the industry.


Nick Keller: President

Kevin Radford: Landscape Designer

Uriel Reyes: Lawn Maintenance Supervisor; Landscape Irrigation Technician IT0005948

Francis Lang: Irrigator TCEQ LI0019913

Anna Johnson: Office Manager